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The Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations \ Neurology



Scientific council on Neurology


The scientific council of Neurology was established in 1994. The program was designed for 5 years.


Members of scientific council

a-The past council from 1994-2007

1-prof Kalil Al sheikly /–chairman of council                       

2-prof abdulmutalib  Al sheiky/-Al Nahrain college of Medicine

3consultant neurologist Mohammed tofique?Al-Rashed malitray hospita

4-associated prof Fadil Abbas-Al-mustansiria College of medicine

5-consultant neurologist Nabil Abbas/MOH repesentive,Murjan hospital

Othe teachers and supervisors

1-prof sarmad al-Fahad/-head of Department of Medicin, Baghdad college of Medicine

2-associated Prof Kalid Ibrahim Mossa/- associated dean of Baghdad College of medicine

3-Prof Akram Al-Mahdawi/-Head of department of Medicine, Al-mustansiria college of Medicine

4-associated Prof Adnan AlAraj/Bagdad college of Medicine

5-consultant neurologist Kasid Ahmed Norri/-Hamad Shhab Military hospital


B-Present Council

1-Prof Akram Al-Mahdawi –Chairman

2-associated Prof Hassan Al-Hamdany / Nahrain College of medicine

3-associated prof Zaki Nooh Al-musawi / Al-Kindy College of medicine

4-associated prof ajeb Ali/Holair College of medicine

5-associated prof Haider Kadim Hasson-/ Al-kuffa college of Medicine


Training Center


v    -Baghdad teaching hospital

v    -special nursing hospital

v    -Al-Kadymia teaching hospital

v    -al-yarmouk teaching hospital

v    -neurosine hospital

Kurdistan region

v    -Razkary teaching hospital

Najaf Al-ashraf

v    -Al-Sadair teaching hospital


Training program

1st –year-SHO in internal Medicine, medical emergency department and coronary care unit

 2nd-year-1st year neurological resident

At end of this year the candidate pass part one exam which includes internal medicine and basic neuroscience

3rd-year-2nd year neurological resident

At this level candidate start to prepare for the thesis and discuss it’s at the end of 3rd year.

4th-year-3rd –year neurological resident work in one of teaching hospital for 4 months the make around for two months in the following department.





5th-year-4th year neurological resident

At this year, the candidate completes the log book and must have the final report signed by supervisor and chairman of council to allow him proceed to the final exam.

At end of this year the candidate pass the final exam

A-theory exam consist of two parts (single choice, case solving problem and slide examination)

B-Clinical exam consist of long case, short cases and viva exam.

Scientific activity

·        Journal club

·        Morning report

·        Mortality meeting

·        Grand round

·        Clinical meting

Other activities

·        CME of Iraqi neuroscience society-every month

·        Activity of Iraqi chapter of epilepsy-every month

·        4 season section activities

The activity of neurological council/-2010

v    Update in multiple sclerosis-Feb- Alulyia club

v    Recent advances in epilepsy –May-Al-kindy teaching hospital

v    Update in neurology-Jun- Al-kuffa college of medicine

The planned activities

§        Multiple sclerosis day- Baghdad teaching hospital

§        Hot topic in MS- Erbil

§        When we are in neurology?-Basrah